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Here are a few things you should know before getting a piercing: 1. Research the piercing studio: Before getting a piercing, it's crucial to research the piercing studio you're considering. Look for a reputable studio that uses sterilized equipment and has experienced piercers. You can also check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family. 2. Choose the right piercing: Take your time to choose a piercing that you're happy with. Consider the placement of the piercing, the type of jewelry you want to use, and the healing time. It's also a good idea to discuss your ideas with your piercer and get their feedback. 3. Understand the risks: Piercings come with risks, including infection, scarring, and allergic reactions. Make sure you understand the risks before getting a piercing and follow proper aftercare to minimize the risks. 4. Prepare for the pain: Getting a piercing can be painful, especially in sensitive areas. If you're worried about the pain, consider taking painkillers before your appointment, and avoid alcohol and caffeine, which can make you more sensitive to pain. 5. Follow proper aftercare: After getting a piercing, it's essential to follow proper aftercare to ensure it heals correctly. Your piercer will provide you with specific instructions, but generally, you'll need to keep the area clean, avoid touching it with dirty hands, and avoid exposing it to the sun. 6. Think about the long-term: Piercings are a form of selfexpression, but they also have long-term implications. Consider how the piercing could impact your career, your relationships, and your self-image. Make sure you're getting a piercing for the right reasons and that you're comfortable with it being a permanent part of your body

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  • 5822 Rixie Rd, North Little Rock, AR, USA

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